A better way

This pandemic is turning things upside down. We´re going to have to rethink a lot of things. One such thing is how we understand companies in terms of sustainable development. We have no other option. So, how can we make it better? And if the challenges are global, we should have global conversations. 
All hands on deck.

Only a few months ago, the hard currency of corporations and governments were the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda: CEOs at Davos or the “almighty” Business Roundtable had finally aligned their vision to serve employees, communities and customers but not just shareholders. The order of the day included energy transition, zero waste, sustainable innovation, corporate purpose, etc.

Where will all this stand after COVID-19? When this crisis ends, how will our society progress further towards sustainable businesses?

Will we forge ahead in sustainable development or, on the contrary, will it just fall by the wayside again? How can we harness the potential emerging from this pandemic to accelerate change and what will the role of companies and brands be in all that? What is the next step in the sustainable development and business equation?

At a time when the hot topics of new “conscious capitalism” or “stakeholder capitalism” place a Green New Deal to balance progress with planetary health firmly on the table, Quiero wants to contribute by asking more questions and seeking many more answers.

In light of a global pandemic posing global problems, these answers should also come from different perspectives not only in our own country but also worldwide.

At Quiero, we have engaged a series of conversations with experts and global leaders who are part of our international network across America, Asia and Europe.

Benchmark figures and pacesetters in Sustainable Development, including Andrew Winston, author of «The Big Pivot”; Sally Uren, CEO of Forum for Future; María Mendiluce, from the senior management team of the WBCSD; Nui Brandbeing, founder of Brandbeing Consulting; Venerable Dr. Phra Shakyavongsvisuddhi, global media leader at Mahamakut Buddhist University, Paul Hermann, founder of HIP Investror, and Alexander Mc Cobin, president of Concious Capitalism, thought leader and speaker in several renowned international media; join many others including top Spanish references.

Together, we will explore the five dimensions we engage for sustainable brands and companies, following our SB Brand Transformation Roadmap: Innovation, Purpose, Brand Influence, Operations and Supply Chain, Governance and Transparency. These dimensions are all investigated and addressed in depth so we can subsequently take action and decidedly do it even better.

We want to share these conversations and reflections with you. Our findings and even our concerns. Through this initiative, we also seek to contribute to fostering conversations and experience-sharing in line with the recent European Green Recovery Alliance.

We opened this forum as a place to take a “break” from the urgency and continue making positive headway towards one goal. Or towards many. Exactly as set out in the SDGs. Together.

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