Building resilient brands and companies

Webinar Quiero – Corporate Excellence: 27th of May (5.00 pm – Madrid GMT 2+).

From corporate purpose to brands purpose after COVID-19. 
A Bangkok – Madrid Conversation
Because a global problem needs a global reflection

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Join this conversation about how the virus is testing corporate and brand purpose and what´s next on purpose to build resilient brands and companies.
Explore insightful answers to these questions: What can make a company or brand resilient? Why does it matter? Does purpose play a role? How to go successfully from a corporate purpose to brand/s purpose? What is the role of employees? What should “purpose” become into, after COVID? How can we become better “purpose brands/companies”? Which are the challenges of translating corporate purpose into brands? How to activate brands for good under a strong corporate purpose?  The challenge of the gap between corporate purpose and brand purpose. Should all your brands have a purpose?

– Nui Laukaiful, founder of Brandbeing Consultant.
– Javier Riaño, Beuty Director and Corporate Marketing at P&G Spain.
– Sandra Pina, General Director at Quiero.
– Angel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence.

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