En el 2050 todos renovables.


Extracto del manifiesto para reclamar 100% renovables en Europa allá por el 2050.

En su traducción al castellano diría algo así como:

Es un reto accesible y maravilloso. ¿ Y por qué no…?

«We urge European leaders to quickly act and make this 2050 vision become a reality for the benefit of all EU citizens by:

  1. Ensuring the timely and fully effective implementation of the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive in all EU-27 Member States
  2. Setting a legally binding energy efficiency target of at least 20% by 2020
  3. Removing all subsidies and structural advantages for fossil and nuclear energy
  4. Ensuring that immediate financial support is given to renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in order to overcome the EU´s economic crisis in a sustainable and forward-looking manner
  5. Recognising that bioenergy is a limited fuel source and ensuring sustainability of all its use, including clear sustainability criteria
  6. Setting the right incentives for a European smart grid
  7. Redirecting existing and focussing forthcoming EU research & development budgets as well as development and structural funds on sustainable energy priorities, namely energy efficiency, and renewable energy
  8. Providing training and education of the workforce as well as information and market stimulation campaigns»

Tenemos 39 años para lograrlo. Si queremos lo conseguiremos, sólo si queremos.

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