We generate change together with companies, institutions and communities. This is how we work.

This is what we do.

Impact and Advocacy

Influence the contexts of our activity to facilitate and maximize the positive impact

The integration of sustainability in organizations must serve diverse objectives. Among them, complying with the regulatory framework, but also ensuring that it accompanies the ambitious objectives that the challenges demand of us, generating, at the same time, opportunities. And, from this idea, we accompany organizations in the implementation of different tools and strategies that allow them to improve their positioning through

  • Regulatory intelligence in the sustainability framework
  • Map and relational strategy
  • Corporate/brand activism

Cultural Transformation

Sustainability enables cultural change.

Make it core to your organization to unleash your   potential.

  • Sustainability accelerates the cultural transformation of your company, taking advantage of your experience and inner dynamics, breaking old paradigms to become both more resilient and nimbler, facilitating your employees’ re-engagement.
  • Our POP (Proud of Purpose) program puts your company’s purpose at the centre, close to your employees. Collecting their stories of small and large wins, generating learning opportunities, reimagining the future, and accelerating the positive changes we strive for.

I WANT to use sustainability to accelerate and consolidate the cultural change my organization is undergoing.


The internationally recognized roadmap to sustainability.
Together with our international network of business sustainability leaders (Sustainable Brands), we have developed our own methodology to assess where you are according to the five dimensions of sustainability: Purpose, Influence, Supply Chain, Governance and Innovation. Hand-in-hand with you and your board, we determine where your organization needs to be, and we produce an action plan for each of the five dimensions. I WANT to define and activate a legitimate, relevant and differentiating purpose for my brand or organization.


A shared dream

We work with you to define the purpose of your organization: that shared dream that will enhance your relevance while adding value within the society in which you operate. We help you activate your vision both internally and externally, with coherence, legitimacy and authenticity. Our methodology connects purpose + business strategy + your corporate culture to strengthen your business model. We can help you realize your purpose in the space where these three key areas intersect:

  • What is it your organization can provide?
  • What do your community and the planet need?
  • What does the citizen-consumer want?



First do, then tell

Hand-in-hand with you, we strengthen your engagement with your key interest groups, design an Action Plan for each of them and create a new corporate narrative. Together with you we:

  1. Analyse your company’s key stakeholders and identify each segment’s influence on you and their value for you.  
  2. Design an Action Plan for each group and help you engage with them.  
  3. Develop your storytelling by focusing on your essence, purpose and the actions you take (storydoing), and adapt it to each stakeholder.   

I WANT to design and lead differentiating social innovation projects with a clear impact, and with the best partners


Design and lead innovation projects with a positive social or an environmental impact

We design and activate projects that generate a positive social or environmental impact with sound alliances: 

  • Conceptualization, implementation and follow-up of projects from our Technical Secretariat: 
    • We effectively interface with all stakeholders.
    • We deal with technical, economic, legal and management aspects. 
    • We channel the project internally, engaging with different departments and getting staff involved.  
  • We can also design and implement a corporate volunteer’s program, enhancing engagement within the organization. 

Together with these organizations we question the way we do things and seek answers to enable change.

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