Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble


P&G actively collaborates with its main customers, and was also considering the opportunity to collaborate with several retailers, in its first commitment to an activation within the framework of environmental sustainability. Until then, some isolated actions linked to sustainability had been carried out, but there was no idea of an advertising idea sustained over time. P&G was looking for an umbrella concept to communicate sustainability attributes linked to the Company and the brands under which to work at different times and with different initiatives.


    A strategic concept close to the consumer (ReNacer) was proposed that brought together the initiatives that P&G was already developing related to the circular economy and eco-innovation; with a didactic vision so that the consumer could clearly understand; linked to P&G and its brands.


    Articulate a sustainable value proposition through the development of an advertising idea for the brands in the retailer: tangible, clear and attractive to the consumer at the point of sale. .




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