Develop the regulatory and relationship strategy with public and private actors to defend the interests of the Association, as well as its positioning in the best defense of the rights of consumers and financial users.


    Quiero operates as a technical office in the preparation of comments to public consultations, generation of strategy and arguments in the regulatory and public policy framework of the consumer and financial field. We contribute to identifying lines of action and alliances that allow ASUFIN to improve its positioning as a consumer association and in defending the interests of consumers, especially the most vulnerable groups. Likewise, we participate in some forums related to the ESG field on behalf of the association (Spainsif, Platform for responsible companies, Alliance for the rehabilitation of buildings without leaving anyone behind, Observatory of Basic Accounts…).


    Identification of new alliances and working groups where ASUFIN has positioned itself as the first and/or only consumer association leading the defense of consumer interests in specific environmental and social aspects.

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