GIRA Jóvenes.


    The financial crisis of 2008-2014 in Spain hit the youth the hardest. Coca-Cola Spain wanted to re-focus the two projects they had targeting under 25’s: Coca-Cola Music Experience and Plan Integra. We created, designed and implemented the Coca-Cola On Tour Youth, aimed at boosting the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion, with a specific focus on the music industry professions, to which they feel inherently attracted.


    Killer issues’ diagnosis, identifying capabilities and positives to determine the pillars for the citizen brand and to formulate purpose and activation territory in on-going consultation with both stakeholders and consumers. Definition and activation of an action plan for the brand’s ecosystem of agencies to bring to life.


    More than 4,500 young people between the ages of 16 and 23 have directly benefitted from this employment itinerary since 2012. They were selected in co-operation with grassroots and civic society organizations with a proven record.

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