Sustainable Brands is the leading global community for business sustainability, with more than 10 million followers worldwide. We at Quiero, expanded this community to Spain, creating Sustainable Brands Barcelona and then Sustainable Brands Madrid.


    Since 2015 we have organized Sustainable Brands events in Spain, a space where brands, citizen-consumers and policy makers come together to understand the world and businesses from the perspective of SUSTAINABILITY.

    In addition to the inspiring professional conferences, we created the Sustainable Sunday, a fair with a festive mood where brands and people meet and interact through workshops, talks, concerts, etc. It is an opportunity to experience sustainability first hand, activating the brands’ work in this area with their target audiences.

    We have also developed initiatives from a multi-stakeholder perspective, such as “Co-creating Cities”: How to make the city of Madrid more sustainable, with solutions designed specifically for policy makers.


    Five editions of Sustainable Brands in Spain, generating a sizeable network of policy makers, C-suite executives, NGOs, foundations and communities.

    More than 400 attendees and 30 national and international speakers per edition.

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