The emotional revolution.


    This project is central to our purpose: putting the arts, culture and sustainability in service of the change our society needs.


    Our “Emotional Revolution” platform focuses on education and outreach. Through our educational projects we seek to raise awareness and activate values aligned with sustainability.

    We organize gatherings, talks, events and programs to think together around the issues that inspire us: creativity, culture, life, the environment, history and social justice.


    CACTUS, Colección de Acciones Transformadoras Urgentes para Secundaria: proyecto de video recursos para docentes, para acercar los ODS a centros de secundaria a través de retos artísticos.

    Si quieres conocer el proyecto escucha esta entrevista a Jose Illana en torno a CACTUS.

    CACTUS (A Collection of Urgent and Transformative Actions for High School): video resources for teachers to raise awareness within the secondary education community on the Sustainable Development Goals through creative challenges.

    If you want to know more, listen to this interview with José Illana about CACTUS.

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