Dialogue in ‘La Granja’

Co-Sharing & Co-Conversing Forums.

housing facade with photographs of people in the neighborhood of Tetuan in Madrid

2015 – Present

  • Strategy.

    Termed “Diálogos en la Granja” after the idyllic place in the Madrid country village called La Granja, our very own “Dialogue out in the Open” is a Quiero created think-tank on sustainability that brings together different interest groups in the search for solutions for the construction of a better world. Strategic Alliance with IESE Business School..

  • Actions.

    In the 5 editions held to date we have focused on: Renewable Energies, Smart Cities, Inequality, Capital Markets, and Growth.

  • Achievements.

    More than 50 experts; Forum promoting the constitution of the ‘Fundación Renovables’ (Renewable Foundation) (2010); Debate participation across social networks and extensive media coverage of the conclusions resulting from these debates.

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