GIRA Mujeres: Empowering Women


facade poster on popular housing

2015 – Present.

  • Background.

    5by20 is the global commitment of Coca-Cola to favour the economic empowerment of 5 million women whose activity is related to the company’s value chain, by 2020.

    The Challenge.

    In the specific context of Spain, women have been strongly affected by unemployment and gender inequality, even when they are an essential part of the family economy.

    GIRA Mujeres is the 5by20 project for Spain, an opportunity to develop women’s talent and work skills.

  • Strategy.

    From its leadership position, Coca-Cola has a commitment in the global agenda to lead the great challenges posed by the international community whose main objective is to achieve more sustainable and inclusive societies.

    Women are a fundamental pillar of society and an essential part of the engine of change. That is why Coca-Cola has a strong commitment to empowering women, both internally and externally.

  • Actions.

    Training and Activation Programmes, with an itinerary defined in three stages, which facilitates knowledge and the necessary tools for all those women who want to develop professionally projects related to the Food and Beverage sector.

    In collaboration with expert entities in the field, and together with the main regional and local agents: Red Cross, Women Foundation, Alma Natura, Impact HUB Madrid, Utopic-Us and Basurama.

  • Achievements.

    Total participants over the first three years: More than 10,000 women.