Madrid Grows

corner with playground in the neighborhood of tetuan in madrid

2009 – 2010.

  • Background.

    The City Council of Madrid had made an investment of approximately € 20 million in nurseries to encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Challenge.

    The “Madrid Emprende” (Madrid Grows) project, from City Council of Madrid, wanted to identify ways to improve the definition, management and communication of their nurseries, after evaluation of the current product.

  • Strategy.

    Quiero’s own Knowledge Model was applied in its entirety.

  • Actions.

    • Initially, 25 stakeholder groups were identified.

    • Selection of 4 priority stakeholders: Nursery managers, nursery growers, nursery developers and university students.

    • The satisfaction of the nurseries was measured among each group of priority stakeholders. Specific aspects of satisfaction were studied. Potential lines of action were developed.

    • The increase in satisfaction generated by each of the suggested actions was measured and we selected those actions that generated the greatest increase in satisfaction among the priority stakeholders to compile the final suggested Action Plan.

  • Achievements.

    A relevant action plan that generated an important satisfaction increase among the groups of relevant stakeholders.
    A key learning of the project was that the satisfaction of the interest groups was largely non-dependent on the infrastructure in which so much had been invested, but on where the actions were focused (eg: networking, search for funding, etc. .).