Purpose Definition & Activation

Lala Group.

set of blocks of flats in the neighborhood of tetuan in madrid

2017 – 2018.

  • Background.

    Grupo Lala is the largest dairy company in Mexico. It operates 19 production plants, 163 distribution centres throughout Mexico and Central America, and has more than 30,000 employees.

    The project arose as a personal concern of the President of the Company on what should be the legacy and the contribution of Lala to society.

  • Challenge.

    While in other presidency projects purpose is clear, in Lala it was not like that, even though it is a reference company in its sector and in Mexico.
    Therefore, there was a legitimate concern to seek within the reason of Lala’s existence the “for what” of its activity.

  • Strategy.

    Defining a purpose for the Company and realize the path of credible activation of this defined purpose.

  • Actions.

    1. Understanding Lala: knowing the realities of the Company.

    2. Discovery sessions: face-to-face meetings with different stakeholders:

      • One-on-ones with the President to share challenges, opportunities, implications in the organization to effectively implement the newly-defined purpose.

      • Reflect together and answer key questions around the purpose as well as individual personal concerns. More than 40 interviews with key stakeholders of the Company.

      • Meetings with the Executive Committee and the CEO.

    3. Alignment with the Presidency and the group’s possible successor on the basis of definition of their purpose.

  • Achievements.

    The positive attributes and capacities of Lala have been diagnosed, as well as the real and emerging issues. Additionally, the territory for the definition of their purpose and possibilities of activation lines were recommended and highlighted. The next phase of the project is currently being carried out, where the lines of activation of the purpose within the Company will be defined.