Mobilising Urban Growing

TriNa, Schweppes Group.

woman from the back sitting in a park in the neighborhood of tetuan in madrid

2011 – 2012.

  • Background.

    TriNa is a family brand within its specific sector. Historically TriNa, as part of the Schweppes group, has positioned itself as a brand of natural soft drinks independent to juices.

  • Challenge.

    Given the growing social awareness of the problem of sugars in soft drinks, Trina and Quiero detected the opportunity to reinforce the attributes of the product related to “their naturalness“, to move away from the ongoing concern of sugars in soft drinks, and their association with adult and child obesity, sedentary lifestyle, etc; and take the brand toto a constructive positioning.

    In parallel, in the large cities, initiatives of urban gardens were undertaken. As well as growing their own vegetables, fruits and vegetables, a sense of relationship and community belonging was generated.

  • Strategy.

    The concept created for this action we branded as “Practice Huerting” a play on words as a call to an active life and a positive approach to vegetable growing.

  • Actions.

    To communicate credibly: TriNa needed to experience and learn from urban vegetable growing, so a vegetable garden was set up on the roof of the brand’s offices in Madrid where employees actively got involved.

    Stakeholders identification in urban growing: identification of the relevant Stakeholders in the community of Madrid in relation to urban veg gardens: teachers who use them in educational subjects in schools, medical professionals who use orchard and growing therapies as a treatment for the patients – such as mental illnesses; people who occupy land not used in the neighbourhoods to install veg gardens and grow their own products; etc.

    Workshops of co-creation with these Stakeholders to identify the needs of expert groups in horticulture that work for the proliferation of urban veg gardens in the city; and what contribution TriNa could offer for those needs.

    Administration: Collaboration agreement with the City of Madrid for 15 years for the start-up of the Vegetable Garden Collective of the Environmental Education Centre “The Garden of Retiro” with brand presence in the facilities, and the organisation of monthly workshops.

    Citizen Advice: Publication of a web page with indications and advice on urban vegetable gardens, generation of content for social networks, assembly of an urban veg garden in the Plaza de Callao in central Madrid (La Huerta de Callao), branding of a bus with the initiative as a call for citizens and city dwellers to visit the Plaza de Callao experience.

    Actions with expert Bloggers.

  • Achievements.

    Madrid’s central veg garden called Huerto de Callao , received over 12,000 visitors. Huerto del Retiro: 3,365 visitors and workshop assistants.

    Workshops with groups of interest.

    Quiero converted TriNa into an active and permanent brand in a singular space such as Madrid’s central Retiro Park: the first time that a brand has been allowed a presence there.