2017 – Now.

  • Background.

    Samsung has been developing for years the “Tech Institute” program that promotes the learning of young people in technology with the aim of improving employability. This program is developed between the ages of 18 and 30 and in collaboration with the universities of Málaga and UPM.

  • Challenge.

    Samsung aims to get involved in education from a young age with the aim of awakening interest in young people, so that they value technology as an option for future education, as well as encouraging technological vocations in girls and young people to reduce the gender digital divide.

  • Strategy.

    Program for dissemination of technology in institutes under the Sustainable Development Goals centered on the ODS 11 City. In particular, technology based on the development of applications that allows the development of innovative projects that provide solutions to real problems that affect our society.

  • Actions.

    Training in software development based on a challenge around the ODS City. I work on personal development through technology. Female role reinforcement. School itinerary for the course 18/19.

    Phase 1: Teacher training.

    Phase 2: Kick-Off tracking.

    Phase 3: Event. Focus on personal development and self-knowledge. SSelection of the best project.

    • Ideation of projects
    • Development and prototyping


    Work in progress