Who we are

A multidisciplinary team working for more than 12 years on an international platform for organizational sustainability revolving around businesses and sustainability.

Carmen Riestra

Arts, Culture & Sustainability projects

Carmen comes to Quiero from the culture and education sectors. She has led projects for and within Fundación Canal, Madrid Design Festival, Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa, ICO museum and PhotoEspaña festival. Carmen believes in the arts and culture’s potential for transforming society’s values. carmen.riestra@somosquiero.com 

Cristina Valdeavero

Project manager

Cristina, born in Madrid, wants to change society for the better. This is why she decided to study Social Work and earned a Masters in International Development. She worked at BBVA Bank’s CSR department and following her experiences in both the private and public sectors found in Quiero the perfect relational ecosystem. cristina.valdeavero@somosquiero.com

Esther Sevilla

Project Assistant

Esther has discovered the power of marketing to help her fellow citizens. She is convinced businesses have a key social role to play. After spending a few years finding herself, she has resumed her studies and leverages her diverse experiences in the GIRA (On tour) projects we created for Coca-Cola Spain, introducing youngsters at risk of social exclusion to music industry professions. esther.sevilla@somosquiero.com

Fabio Sechi

Director of Production

From the beginning of his career, Fabio has created spaces and events. Creating realities from nothing is his everyday challenge. He worked for the social work divisions of Caja Madrid, Kutxa and Caja Sur banks and he has also created events for brands such as Rolex, El País newspaper and Telefónica. fabio.sechi@somosquiero.com

Jose G.


Jose got acquainted with Quiero in 2010. He confesses that he has learned -and keeps learning- from the team how important it is to set daily goals in order to leave a better, more sustainable world to our children.

Sandra Pina

Director General

Sandra worked in marketing and innovation within multinational companies Kellogg´s and Danone. One day she decided she could be more useful to society, and thus she is now DG at Quiero. She is also the director in Madrid of global network Sustainable Brands, the worldwide authority on Sustainability and Business, as well as a member of its Advisory Board in Paris. sandra.pina@somosquiero.com

Luis Tamayo

Knowledge Director

Luis is a sociologist who developed his career in strategic research and marketing trends analysis. He facilitates companies’ transitions to the collaborative and digital economy, helping them build authentic brands and models integrating work with collaborative culture. He feels Quiero provides him with an ideal framework to accomplish his purpose. luis.tamayo@somosquiero.com

Nadia Velasco

Project Director

Nadia’s career has always involved projects fostering transformation in society. Her vision of forgoing alliances and dialogue between stakeholders who share positive values is what motivates her. She joined Quiero in 2018, ready to put her experience to work for sustainability. nadia.velasco@somosquiero.com

Patricia Valdés


Patricia is a marine biologist, and decided to join the corporate world as a consultant and project manager. She worked at PwC and at Deusto University and brings her vision and experience regarding sustainability and innovation to Quiero. patricia.valdes@somosquiero.com

Paz Ugarte


An economist with a career in communication and marketing, Paz has been a senior partner at Quiero since its inception in 2008 as well as the director of Dialogues at La Granja think tank. She is an executive in BBVA Bank’s shareholder relations, corporate culture and Innovation Centre areas. paz.ugarte@somosquiero.com

Raquel Martín

Communication Director

Journalist by both training and passion, Raquel’s life took her to communication consultancies on both shores of the Atlantic, working in Spain and Argentina. She worked at Coca-Cola, Repsol YPF, UNICEF and Danone, and was a manager at Kimberly-Clark. Her purpose is to support and encourage sustainable, transparent and coherent companies for a better society. raquel.martin@somosquiero.com

Jose Illana

Founding partner

Jose is the founding partner at Quiero: one fine day he realized he’d been thinking that things could be done differently for too long and risked becoming an empty loudmouth. Before establishing Quiero, he worked in communication at Wunderman, Grey, FCB and Humana. He is a member of the Global Advisory Board of the Sustainable Brands’ network. jose.illana@somosquiero.com

Paula Castilla

Project Manager

Paula holds a degree in Social Work and started managing CSR projects at Morgan Stanley and Iberdrola. She worked at the University of Leeds, researching climate change. Her passion for generating positive change led her to join the crew at Quiero, offering her experience in social innovation. paula.castilla@somosquiero.com

Annachiara Agostinis

Senior Project Manager

Annachiara has a wealth of experience working for multinational companies in innovation, marketing and purchasing. She joined Quiero to become an agent for change, helping companies to live sustainability and to have a positive impact on society and the planet. She firmly believes that building a better world starts with small steps. Annachiara.agostinis@somosquiero.com

Elia Vela Laviña

Project Manager

After she graduated in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Elia focused on creating social projects that contribute to solving the world’s problems. She founded Libretas Aedra and her own genre-based publishing company, Ediciones Dorna. She worked at Social Enterprise Spain on research and training. Now at Quiero, she continues to help building a better world. elia.vela@somosquiero.com

  • Quiero is B-corp member.

  • European partner of Sustainable Brands and member of its global advisory board.

  • Promoter of the first ethical code of the Spanish Association of Marketing.

  • Founder and leader of the think tank “Dialogues at La Granja” with the support of IESE Business School.

  • Member of CEOE.


    We only work on projects that seek change and positive impact, putting people, society and the environment at the centre. We are convinced that sustainability makes us better: richer and more beloved companies, healthier and more fulfilled people, and more beautiful, plural and just societies. 

    We believe in a better way of doing things. Our only principle: be proud of what you do and make everyone around you proud of the company where you work.


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