We Are Quiero

  • Manifesto

    We are convinced that sustainability makes us all better: Richer and more loved companies, healthier and fuller people as well as more plural societies, more just and more beautiful.

    We believe in a better way of doing things. Quiero is a consultancy that works wholeheartedly in the business, sustainability and brand equation. We only work on projects that involve placing the person, society and environment at the very centre.

    Our underlying principle: Be proud of what you do and make people feel proud of the company in which you work.

  • International network

    More than ten years of experience in the sustainability, business and brands space has enabled us to build a rich and diverse network of international contacts through Sustainable Brands with whom we work directly in a relationship of trust.


Vanina FerreyraProject Assistant Open popup

Vanina Ferreyra

Project Assistant

This Argentinian woman graduated in Social Communication, with a postgrade in Communication, Gender and Human Rights, landed in Madrid in 2017.

She began his career working in the mass media and after a teaching experience she decided to change the direction about her career.

Since then she has focused on the Non-profit sector, working on social projects promoting Human Rights and gender equalite.

Convinced that cultural transformation begins with commitment and responsibility for our impact, she joins the Quiero team at the beginning of 2019, ready to contribute all her energy and enthusiasm.


Jose GFriend Open popup

Jose G


I came into contact with Quiero back in 2010. I must confess that since then I have learnt and grown, and continue to do so through all those who form part of Quiero. What matters is setting and accomplishing small daily goals with the aim of leaving a more caring and sustainable world for our children and grandchildren.

Paz UgartePartner Open popup

Paz Ugarte


Paz is an economist. However her career has led her towards the communications and marketing fields which, while she has not had the same level of training, she enjoys far more. She began her professional career as an auditor in Deloitte and she went into public banking. Further down the line she joined Argentaria and, finally, was incorporated into the BBVA group. She has shared a number of management roles in BBVA in areas such as the Shareholder’s Club, Private Banking, Corporate Vision and Culture, Human Resources and the Centre for Innovation. She is a collaborating partner in ‘Quiero’ since its foundation in 2008 and General Manager of the debate forum Diálogos en La Granja.


Patricia ValdésConsulting Manager Open popup

Patricia Valdés

Consulting Manager

Biologist specialized in the marine field, decides to jump to the company world focusing her professional work on sustainability and innovation.

She has worked in the field of consulting and business development, having worked at PwC – Madrid as a consultant, as well as project manager for the Global Center for Sustainable Business of the University of Deusto (Bilbao). She has also been very closely linked to the world of technological and digital innovation thanks to her professional experience in several technology start-ups in Bilbao. She joins Quiero team contributing with her vision and experience in sustainability & innovation within the consulting area.


Fabio SechiProduction Coordinator Open popup

Fabio Sechi

Production Coordinator

Associated, right from the beginning of his professional career, with the creation of spaces and events of different nature. Creating something out of nothing, is the challenge he faces each day.

Resident in Madrid since the mid 90s, after a brief stint in Manchester, he ran the capital’s first cyber café. It was a social and musical place of reference, for the emerging technological companies of the time. With the turn of the millennium, he was drawn to the development of art exhibitions of the social work of companies such as Caja Madrid, Kutxa, and Caja Sur, among others.

Fabio, creates and manages resources for large temporary productions for customers such as Rolex, El País, Telefónica, as well as  meetings of political entities; these  are his latest creations. He is the current production coordinator for the new incorporation of QUIERO.


Jose IllanaFounder Open popup

Jose Illana


Jose is a marketing and advertising professional who developed his career in agencies that specialise in the communications field (ABT, BTL, public relations) such as Wunderman, Grey, FCB, Kitchen or Humana. He is also a board member of the Fundación Renovables (Renewables Foundation, in English), whose objective is to promote renewable energies. One day Jose realised he had spent too long telling people about the possibility of doing things differently and ran the risk of becoming a bore.


Héctor GarcíaBrand Activism Director Open popup

Héctor García

Brand Activism Director

As a former marketeer, Héctor counts with a strong background in brand management within multinational environments, making him very conscious of the balance required between long term brand building and short term delivery.

For more than 10 years he journeyed with companies such as Maxxium and Diageo, which allowed him to create positioning, platforms, and experiences to bring brand purposes to life for market leaders like Brugal rum and J&B or The Macallan whiskies, among others.

Héctor is committed to engaging companies with a single-minded and inspiring vision: what if brands could grow more (and more sustainably) by activating their brand purposes and effecting positive change?


Esther SevillaProject Assistant Open popup

Esther Sevilla

Project Assistant

Esther Sevilla es una joven entusiasta de las posibilidades que ha descubierto en el marketing para ayudar a otros. Está convencida de la necesidad de que las empresas asuman una responsabilidad con el conjunto de la sociedad yendo más allá con sus trabajadores y sus accionistas.

Después de unos años buscándose a si misma ha retomado sus estudios de bachillerato y concentra toda su experiencia en los proyectos GIRA.


Raquel MartínCommunication Director Open popup

Raquel Martín

Communication Director

Journalist of heart and profession, she started to work very soon on developing communication strategies for both Corporate and Brand Communication, crisis management, development and implementation of sustainability plans, Media & other stakeholders relations and events, amont others, to organizations such as Coca-Cola, Repsol YPF, Manpower, Adecco, UNICEF, Danone, Diageo´s brands, among others. She was also Corporate Affairs Manager at Kimberly-Clark to AUSTRAL (AUSTRAL Region: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay). Back to Spain and after a time working on Organizational Development, she wanted to return to her true purpose:  to promote more sustainables, transparents and coherents companies and brands, aligning the BE, DO and SAY for a better society. 


Laura FerréProject Manager Open popup

Laura Ferré

Project Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in International Business Economics, and after living in Barcelona, Sao Paulo and London, Laura has realized that things are starting to be done differently.

Passionate about the the idea of “doing business while doing good”, she embarked on her career in this sector at Ashoka UK and now, she is part of the incredible team of Quiero, managing projects like Gira Coca-Cola Project, among others.


Giles Bones Giles BonesInternational Development Open popup

Giles Bones

International Development

Madrid and London based, Giles is specialised in Corporate Communications & PR, and International Brand Building. He has worked across Media and Entertainment (Nickelodeon, Paramount, Ilion, Toonz) and in recent years has focused on Educational TV & Digital Content in the Kids Entertainment arena. He made his move into the Sustainable business space with Quiero after attending a Sustainable Brands conference in Copenhagen.
Long-time volunteer for a Dutch NGO, he helps set up schools and libraries for communities in extreme poverty in underdeveloped countries; and gets involved in diverse wildlife conservation projects.
Fascinated by the power of the message and how it can influence our decisions and behaviour, Giles firmly believes that it is our ability to communicate effectively and engage and empower consumers and all other stakeholders from the bottom up, are key to making the transition to a truly circular and sustainable world.


Nadia VelascoProject Manager Open popup

Nadia Velasco

Project Manager

Her professional career has been dedicated to projects that promote social change. Moving into the Non-Profit Sector, she explored CSR, Social Investment and Corporate Volunteering, allowing her to have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by companies when contributing to the economic, social and environmental causes.

Her desire to explore the world while being involved in new social projects took her to the UK, Costa Rica and Kuwait. Motivated by a vision of shared value, creation of alliances and dialogue with stakeholders in order to maximize social impact, she joins Quiero in 2018, ready to give all her worth to sustainability.


Sandra PinaPartner & Sustainable Brands Madrid Director Open popup

Sandra Pina

Partner & Sustainable Brands Madrid Director

Sandra comes from the world of marketing and innovation in fmcg multinationals. In Kellogg’s, she enjoyed creating marketing innovation for the subsequent years in the cereal industry in Europe. She also worked in Kellog’s as a director for household names such as Special K, All-Bran or Cornflakes. At Danone she was based in London and Barcelona as manager of such well renowned brands as Dan’up or Lea&Perris while creating future generations of yoghurt such as vegetable-based and anti-cholesterol products. While she enjoyed the work immensely, all her hard work remained within the four walls of the company and its investors. One day she realised that it was care for her work to reach a wider audience and she now works with us because she “wants” to take charge of the Innovation and Knowledge areas of our company. Sandra is also an associate professor of innovation, marketing and market research at the Instituto de Empresa and others recognized Business schools.


Luis TamayoDirector of Knowledge Open popup

Luis Tamayo

Director of Knowledge

Sociologist who grew professionally in strategic research and analysis of tendencies applied to marketing. In 2008, fascinated by the collaborative trend, he turned his career to dedicate himself to implementing economics and collaborative culture in organizations.

He aims to facilitate the transition of companies to the collaborative and digital world, through platform-communities, to help build authentic brands and models that integrate work and collaborative culture in organizations, in Quiero he finds the ideal space to fulfill his purpose.


Isabel LadrónProject Executive Open popup

Isabel Ladrón

Project Executive

Isabel Ladrón is graduated in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies with a Minor in Economics. Some seasons in France, Italy and India have given her training an international dimension that she continues to develop in her vision of global society as something as rich and diverse as it is challenging. After several experiences in media, she has worked as a professor of Feminism and Gender Studies at UNAN-Managua University in Nicaragua and as a European Project Manager in third sector entities.

Convinced of the social responsibility of communication and immersed in an infinite process of learning, she finds in project management the ideal way to merge her skills with her energy and willingness to positive change. As part of the Quiero team, she works, among other things, on the GIRA Jóvenes Coca-Cola project.


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