All Sustainability oriented Professional Summer Kit

So much for a sustainability leader and still at the office on a summer day? Saving the world via sustainability can be exhausting and time demanding. But as a core in our sustainability oriented values: we need of peace of mind, fresh air, mountains, beaches, native birds singing in the morning and sun-shining…We need Inspiration to enable an in-depth connection. So, lets do it.


Still thinking about those strategic end-of-the-year meetings ahead? Relax and don’t worry! we have your back! In Quiero Salvar el Mundo Haciendo Marketing, we have saved the best of Sustainable Brands Barcelona 2016 and created an exquisite presentation of Sustainable Summer Cocktails with featured video. This way you can sit back, enjoy the view and sip in some refreshing groundbreaking sustainability success cases.

Every week our database friends will receive a collection of informative & refreshing cocktails. There is no doubt, you will come back to work more inspired than ever!

¡Felices vacaciones!

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